Step 1

Cut First End of the Form

Using the edge of a table as your guide, cut the end of the mailing tube off at about a 30- degree angle.

Step 2

Cut Other End of Form

Place the freshly cut end up against a flat edge, we used a brick clamped perpendicular to the table edge. Leaving about two inches from the cut tube to the edge of the table; again, use that edge to guide your saw. Cut all the way through the tube, creating your first cylinder form.

Step 3

Make First Cut on the Second Form

Mark where you need the final cut, start by matching it up with the first form and making a mark with a pencil. Check it by making sure the short side is also about two inches.

Step 4

Make Final Cut on Second Form

Make your final cut by placing the steep cut edge against your flat surface and lining your mark up with the edge of the table. Saw with the table edge as your guide all the way through the tube. You should now have two matching forms.

Step 5

Cover One End of Each Form

Seal one of the sides of the form using duct taping and a piece of cardboard. Repeat on the other form.

Step 6

Prep the Concrete

Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Its consistency should be similar to lumpy cake batter.

Step 7

Pour the Concrete

Prop the forms so they stand up in a bucket, make sure that they will stay upright and fairly level. Slowly and carefully pour in the concrete. You will need to gently stir and agitate the mix in the form as you go to get rid of air bubbles and ensure a smooth finish. Gently scrape across the top of the form to finish and allow the concrete to cure.

Step 8

Remove the Forms

When the concrete is dry, remove it from the forms. You might need to cut a slit in the tube in order to get it off.

Step 9

Smooth the Edges

Sand any rough edges. If you are struggling to get a smooth surface try slightly wetting the concrete.

Step 10

Prep the Marble Paper

Cut a piece of contact paper larger than your concrete. Use rocks to hold the corners down then carefully peel up the backing. If your contact paper doesn’t feel very sticky, spray it and the concrete with a light layer of adhesive.

Step 11

Adhere the Marble Paper

Lay the bookend on the contact paper and roll it firmly to one side, trim the contact paper along the short edge. Repeat on the other side of the bookend, move carefully and apply pressure to avoid bubbles, cut the paper so it allows a slight overlap.

Step 12

Trim the Paper

Carefully cut away the excess contact paper at the top and bottom of the bookend.

Step 13

Wrap the Other Bookend

Repeat steps 10 through 12 on the second bookend and prop up your books in style!