Step 1

Cut Pattern and Fabric

Measure your window's height and width. Add 12" to the length and 4" to the width. This is the size you'll use to cut your fabric. Make sure that any design detail on the fabric is centered.

Step 2

Hem the Sides

Hem the edges for a nice finished look. Start with the long sides, make a double-turn hem. Place the fabric pretty-side down, and make a 2" fold on one of the long sides. Measure and pin it so you know it's nice and straight, then iron the crease. Remove the pins and fold that fold in half so it’s only an inch wide. Pin and iron again, then sew over the hem with the sewing machine, about 1/8" in from the inner edge of the hem. Use the edge of your presser foot as a guide and remember to back stitch. Repeat the process on the other side.

Step 3

Create Bottom Hem

The bottom hem is going to be super wide so that it gives the whole shade enough weight to hang straight. Fold it just like you did for the long sides, but this fold is going to be 4". Measure, pin and iron it flat, then fold the hem again using the 4" hem as a guide so you've got a 4" double hem. Pin and iron again.

Step 4

Top Rod Pocket Hem

For the top hem, make a hollow pocket to slide the curtain rod through. With the pretty-side down, fold over fabric 2", pin and press, then fold it again another 2", press with the iron. Sew across the hemline. Again, use the presser foot as a guide. Backstitch at both ends of the seam to make it nice and sturdy.

Step 5

Cut and Place Ribbon Ties

Choose ribbon that is at least 1" wide, in a color that complements the fabric. You need two pieces of ribbon, double the height of the window plus two feet. Fold the ribbon pieces in half and position them over the top of the rod pocket, with half the ribbon behind the panel and half in front, pretty-side out. Then space them evenly, about a quarter of the way in from each side, and make sure the ends are even.

Step 6

Pin Ribbon Ties

Pin the ribbon in place, make sure the pins go all the way through to the ribbon on the other side. Sew them in place along the top seam.

Step 7

Create Bows

Tie the ribbons at whatever length you want the shade to hang. We used double bows, but the ends can also be folded and tucked out of sight.