Up, Up and Away

This set of bird wings is easy to make and requires minimal sewing. They’ll have your kids flying around for Halloween and all year long.

Step 1

Determine Wing Span

To make the bird wings, you first need to figure out the wing span. To do so, have your child stand with their arms spread out. Measure the distance from one fingertip to the other side. This will be your “arm span.” Then measure the distance in between their shoulders; this will be the “shoulder span.” To give you an idea of size, my child is 4 years old, she has a 42” wing span and 9 1/2” shoulder span.

Step 2

Cut Fabric to Size

Lay your piece of felt or fleece flat on a work surface. If you are using a cutting mat, you may want to do this with the fabric folded in half so that the entire piece of fabric can fit on the cutting mat. Cut the fabric to the wing span width x 15” long. If you are cutting with your fabric on the fold, like I did, then divide your wing span measurement in half and cut a piece of fabric that is on the fold by half wing span x 15” long.

Step 3

Cut Out Wing Shape

If your fabric was cut on the fold before, keep it that way. If not, fold it at this time. From the outer raw edges, cut down the sides on an arc, so that you are bringing the ends of the rectangle to a point (Image 1). Unfold the fabric. You should have an eye-shaped piece (Image 2).

Step 4

Add Shoulder Straps

Cut the elastic into two 10” strips and two 4” strips. Place the two 10” pieces in the center of the fabric, space them to your shoulder span (ours was 9 1/2”). Pin in place at the raw (cut) edges of the elastic pieces to secure to wing span fabric. Sew the elastic on using a straight stitch, making a small rectangle around the edges of each piece of elastic to secure. Remember, you are not sewing the entire piece of elastic down, just the very edges to the fabric.

Step 5

Add Wrist Straps

Place the two 4” elastic strips on each alternate side of the wing span fabric. Sew these pieces onto the wing fabric in the same manner as the shoulder straps.

Step 6

Glue Feathers Until Completely Covered

Flip the fabric over so that the elastic is facing down. Apply hot glue to a small area (Image 1) then press the feather boas on top of hot glue; press firmly to secure. Be careful — the glue is hot. Hot glue dries fast, so it’s best to work in small sections. Continue to glue on boas until the fabric is totally covered (Image 2). 

Step 7

You're Ready to Fly

Simply slip your child's arms into the elastic, and they're ready to fly. The wings can easily be hung in the closet so they are ready to go at any time.