Step 1

Cut Out the Shutters

Measure the opening of the door that will be covered with the shutter. This initial measurement will help you determine the dimensions of the two track-mounted panels. Mark the measurements onto the T-111 plywood and begin making the cuts with a table saw.

Step 2

Cut the Trim

Once the panels are cut to the final dimensions, take measurements of the individual pieces to determine the dimensions for the trim. Cut the birch plywood and trim to length with a table saw or chop saw.

Step 3

Attach the Trim to the Shutters

Secure the trim pieces to the T-111 panel with wood screws (Image 1). Apply trim both around the edges and across each door to create the "barn door" look. Sand, stain and let the door panel dry before mounting it to the track (Image 2).

Step 4

insert expansion bolts in place and tighten down

insert expansion bolts in place and tighten down

Install the Track System

When hanging barn doors into precast concrete, a hammer drill is the ideal tool for drilling into the studs. Once the holes are drilled, insert expansion bolts and tighten them down. Applying epoxy in the holes before inserting the expansion bolts will add extra strength to hold bolts securely in the concrete. Next, mount an anchor bolt into the studs. This will serve as the anchor to hang the barn door.

Step 5

feed door roller into the metal track

feed door roller into the metal track

Hang the Doors Onto the Tracks

Once the track system is mounted and secure, simply feed the doors' rollers into the metal track. The barn-door shutters are suspended from rollers on a track-mounting system. To help make the most of the entertainment center, the shutters simply roll shut to provide an almost complete blackout of exterior light in the basement room, making for a true home-theater experience.