Step 1

Measure Then Add Supports

Measure the inside bottom of the spool to the inside top (Image 1). Cut four pieces of 2x4 to fit tightly inside the electrical spool. Stand up the 2x4s near the edge and screw them into place (Image 2).

Step 2

Add Cushion

To create a smooth top surface, place a few pieces of duct tape over all the nuts and screws on the bottom of the spool (Image 1). Place foam on top of the spool, measure and cut to size (we used two half circles). Use hot glue to adhere the foam in place (Image 2).

Step 3

Add Batting

Lay batting over the top of the spool and wrap it down the sides (Image 1). Cut to size and leave plenty of extra batting to be tucked under bottom of spool. Turn spool over and staple the batting to bottom and sides (the 2x4s). If necessary, use a hammer to make sure staples are in fully recessed. Trim excess batting and glue down the edges if necessary (Image 2).

Step 4



Wrap Sides

Measure the spool from top to bottom. Cut a piece of the blanket to that size, use the finished edge of blanket as the finished bottom edge of ottoman. Pin the sides together to hold in place.

Step 5



Cut Top Circle

Place the ottoman onto the rest of the blanket and cut the top circle. Leave enough edge for the stitching (whip stitch).

Step 6



Sew It Closed

Whip stitch the side and the top of blanket.

Step 7

Add Floor Protection

Place four furniture pads on bottom of the spool (Image 1). Now you've got the versatile accent that can be used as an ottoman, side table or an extra seat (Image 2).

Step 8

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Now you've got the versatile accent that can be used as an ottoman, side table or an extra seat.