Sewing Saves

Why pay for an expensive piece of wedding wear when you can make it yourself for the cost of a few budget-friendly materials? 

Step 1

Iron & Fold

Iron all fabric to release any creases (image 1).

Fold fabric in half hamburger style and iron the fold (image 2).

Fold fabric in half hot dog style and iron fold (images 3 & 4). 

Step 2

Pin & Cut

Pin down template to fabric at the bottom fold (Images 1 & 2).

Cut fabric along template with scissors or rotary cutter (Image 3).

You'll end up with two identical pieces of bow tie fabric (Image 4).

Step 3

Cut & Attach Interfacing

Fold interfacing in half. Pin template to interfacing and cut out 2 pieces (Images 1 & 2).

Pin interfacing to backside (both ends) of one piece of cut fabric (Images 3 & 4).

Pro Tip

Interfacing doesn't have to run the length of the tie - cut just enough to cover the bow on each end.

To make this step easier, you could opt for iron-on interfacing instead of sew-on interfacing.

Step 4

Prepare to Sew

Place both pieces of fabric together so that front sides of fabric are touching (Image 1) and pin together along edges (Image 2). We will invert later.

Step 5

Sew & Trim

Sew around the edge of the bow tie, removing pins as you go (Images 1 & 2).

Leave a 3-4 inch gap in the middle of the neck band on one side (Image 3).

Trim excess fabric off the edges to prevent clumpy corners and curves when inverted (Image 4).

Step 6

Invert Fabric

Gently pull fabric apart on one end of tie, using your finger to begin pushing the end of the tie in towards the neck gap (Images 1 & 2).

Using a small 1/8-inch dowel rod, continue pushing fabric toward, then out of the gap until bow tie is inverted (Image 3 & 4).

Repeat on opposite end until bow tie is completely inverted (Image 5).

Step 7

Finishing Touches

Fold edges of gap in (Image 1), then iron flat (Image 2).

Sew opening shut (Image 3). Don't worry about sewing on the outside of bow tie since this part will be tucked under the collar of your shirt.

Iron finished tie and it's ready to wear. (Images 4 & 5)