If you want to use thin veneer plywood, check your local craft store. I found mine in the wood hobby section. 

Step 1

Draw Bunny Shape

Draw a bunny template on plywood or card stock.

Step 2

Cut Bunny Shapes

Cut bunny shapes with craft scissors.

Step 3

Sand Edges

Cut out as many bunnies as you need. Sand down any edges with fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 4

Gather Clothespins

Grab as many clothespins as you have bunnies. The clothespins will balance and weight the bunny so it stands upright. 

Step 5

Apply Glue

Apply a small dot of super glue to the ends of each clothespin.

Step 6

Attach Clothespin

Attach the glued ends of a clothespin to the base of a bunny head so the flat side sits on the table. Hold until glue is dry. 

Step 7

Paint Bunny

Apply a coat of white craft paint to the front of the bunny. Let dry.

Step 8

Paint Ears

Fill the bunny ears with pink craft paint.

Step 9

Write Guests' Names

Write each guest's name on a circular piece of pink card stock using a white gel pen. By using the card stock, you can remove and switch out the guest’s name year after year. 

Step 10

Attach Card Stock

Attach the card stock to the bunny head using double-sided tape.