Step 1

Add a Hook

Add a simple hook for hanging to the back of the wood wreath form.

Step 2

Make Cardboard Backing for the Petals

Draw three or four flower-petal shapes on cardboard. Cut out the shapes and then use those as templates to trace more petals on the cardboard, so you'll have several of each size. Make about 28 to 32 pieces altogether; lay them around the ring to make sure you have enough.

Step 3

Trace Petal Shape

Lay the cardboard petals on the backside of the fabric then trace the shape onto the fabric. Cut the petal shapes out of the fabric, leaving about a 1/4" around the outside of the edge.

Step 4

Adhere Fabric to Cardboard

Glue the backside of the shag fabric to the cardboard. Let the shag slightly overlap the sides of the cardboard.

Step 5

Adhere Petals to Wreath Ring

Glue the fabric-covered cardboard petals to the wreath ring. Randomly place the petals and let them overlap each other. The inner edge of the ring can show a bit because you will cover it with buttons.

Step 6

Add an Inside Border

We used purple buttons to create an inner border on our wreath. Glue the larger buttons on first then layer the smaller buttons on top to give it a fuller look. Leave a small section open to place the bow (we placed our bow slightly to one side).

Step 7



Create the Bow

Roll out the ribbon, leave a long piece for the first tail and then create the desired number of loops. Pull the loops into a small bunch and bundle with your hands. Tie another piece of ribbon around it to keep the loops secure. Hot glue that section to the wood ring, then cut off the extra ribbon.