Step 1

Make a Template For the Face

Start by cutting out patterns for the eyes and mouth. The eyes will be made of fabric and glued onto the tunnel while the mouth will be cut out and covered with mesh.  

Step 2

Lay Out the Face

Stand the tube up straight (you might need an assistant) and make a mark where your face is on the tube. Trace the mouth pattern where your face is, as this is where you will see out. 

Step 3

Cut Out the Mouth

Be careful when cutting out the mouth. Nylon has a tendency to grab and keep ripping if you push too hard. Take your time. 

Step 4

Make the Eyes

Cut two white ovals (approximately 6″ x 4″) and two black circles (1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″) and hot glue them together. This can be scrap fabric or something new. A bit of nylon the same color as the tube is used on top of the eyes for eyelids. 

Step 5

Attach Eyes and Mouth

Use hot glue to adhere the eyes above the mouth. Then cut an oversized piece of black mesh to glue behind the mouth. This can be tulle, screen door material, interfacing or net. Make sure you can see through it without much trouble, especially if you plan on trick or treating at night. To make sure the net is properly attached, place blue scrap nylon to sandwich the glue and net to the nylon. 

Step 6

Mark and Cut Armholes

Mark and cut two arm holes below the face. Add a few inches to the circumference of the arm size. You will need to straddle the metal hoops in the tunnel. Once cut, measure the circumference of the holes using the flexible tape measure. 

Step 7

Make Sleeves

Cut two lengths of blue ripstop nylon 48″ long and X” wide. The X equals the circumference of your armhole. Ours is 26″ around. Since this is ripstop nylon, you just need to make a small cut then rip the remainder of it. This will produce some strands of cloth. Just pull them off so the hot glue doesn’t grab them. 

Step 8

Prepping Tube

Working inside the tube is very challenging. If you have some clamps (or an assistant), gather the extra fabric and secure it together. This will make the build much quicker. 

Step 9

Attach Sleeves

Attaching the arms is just a matter of placing glue on the tabs of the arm and connecting them to the inside of the armhole. Do this one tab at a time so the glue doesn’t dry. It will take some work but goes pretty quickly. Start with the seam of the arm tubes facing down. 

Step 10

Practice Your Moves

Time to test out your costume and work on your moves. I couldn’t find the 6′ children’s tunnel so I opted for the 9′. This meant there was extra room on the top and the tunnel wouldn’t stay straight by itself. So,  I added a backpack with a PVC rod inside it to keep the head standing up straight. It also added plenty of height and interest to the piece.