Step 1

Create Felt Base for Beard

Cut a beard shape from your felt. The top edge — from ear to ear across the nose — should be about 9-1/2 inches wide.

Step 2

Create the Mustache

Cut a small bundle of yarn 32 inches long. Tie it in the middle with a small piece of yarn; this will be the center point under the nose. Tie it off again two inches from the center on both side; these knots will sit at the corners of the mouth. Braid the remaining length, tie off and trim the bottom.

Step 3

Create Large Soul Patch Braid

Gather a large bundle of yarn cut to 36-inch lengths. Fold the bundle in half and pinch the fold in a binder clip. Braid the bundle loosely from the clip down. Use a piece of yarn to tie off the end.

Step 4

Glue Braids to Felt

Hot glue the mustache to the upper lip of the felt, letting the braids fall. Then glue the looped top of the soul-patch braid to the bottom center of the lip.

Step 5

Fill in Beard

Cut many 28-inch lengths of yarn. Fold them in half and glue them to the felt across the top edge.

Step 6

Cover the Chin

Add another section of yarn along the bottom edge of the mouth opening on both sides.

Step 7

Cover Felt Behind Braid

Glue a row of yarn under the soul-patch braid.

Step 8

Shape It

Trim the beard into a nice neat curved shape

Step 9

Add the Strap

Measure your child ear to ear across the back of their head and attach that length of elastic to the back edges of your felt.

Step 10

Cut the Fur

Cut one large rectangle (9” x 32”) for the vest and two small rectangles (9” x 5”) for the ankle wraps.

Step 11

Make the Vest

Wrap the large rectangle over your child’s neck and secure it by tying a length of leather cord around their waist.

Step 12

Add Ankle Wraps

Wrap the fur around their ankles and secure it the leather cord.

Step 13

DIY Viking Halloween Costume

DIY Viking Halloween Costume

This little Viking looks adorable with a yarn beard and fur-trimmed hat. Get the how-to on this Halloween costume!

Put It All Together

The beard could also be made for lumberjack, hipster or ZZ Top costume.