Step 1

Cut T-Shirt

Fold your T-shirt almost in half, leaving a 1-inch space, and cut the bottom off. Using your quilting ruler as a guide, cut strips with a rotary cutter, making sure not to cut the extra inch of T-shirt in the fold. Cut all the way across when you reach the sleeve (this will not be part of the fabric ball).

Step 2

Create Ball

Starting in the middle of your edge, cut in the direction of the far corner of the first left edge piece. Continue until all pieces are cut, and you have one continuous piece of fabric. Form into a ball.

Step 3

Crochet Fabric

To give the planter a more intricate design, create a chain-like effect with a crochet hook.

Step 4

Wrap Fabric

Wrap the crocheted fabric around small pots, and glue every 3 inches to secure. To make a hanger for your planter, attach long strands of fabric on either side of a pot or few pots with glue. Display indoors or out.