Step 1

Make the Rice

Cut two ovals of white fabric slightly larger than your dog’s back.

Step 2

Glue Rice Pieces Together

Glue the pieces together leaving a four-inch hole.

Step 3

Make the Rice Puffy

Turn the piece inside out and stuff. Close the hole with hot glue, tucking in the edges as you go.

Step 4

Create the Fish

Create the fish piece by cutting a home-plate shape out of orange or pink fabric. Make sure it is a similar size to your rice.

Step 5

Add Veins

Cut thin white strips of fabric and hot glue them across the fish piece at an angle.

Step 6

Spice It Up With Wasbi

Cut two little triangles of green felt.

Step 7

Combine Ingredients

Glue the fish piece and the wasbi to the top of the rice.

Step 8

Make the Strap

Measure you dog from shoulder to shoulder across the front of the chest. Cut a piece of white fabric two inches wide and slightly longer than your measurement and hot glue it to the front corners of your rice piece to create a chest strap.

Step 9

Create the Seaweed Wrap

Place the rice on your dog and measure around the rice and their belly for the nori band. Add four inches for overlap and cut a rectangle of felt about four inches wide and that long. Glue four-inch long segments of Velcro to opposite sides at either short end of the seaweed piece.

Step 10

Layer on the Nori

Glue the center of the seaweed piece to the top of the sushi piece.

Step 11

Slip The Roll Onto Your Pup

Loop the chest piece over your pup, attach the Velcro under his belly, and you’re ready for Halloween.