Off to Save the World

Help your kids feel super this Halloween with a fun and easy superhero costume. This project involves very little sewing, and recycles an old T-shirt so you won’t have to spend a lot of money either.

Step 1

Cut the Cape

Cut the fabric for the cape into a large rectangle. Save the leftover fabric for the mask and cuff. Here is a list of cape sizes for a various ages: 12 months to 2T = 36” x 16”; 3T to 5T = 36” x 20”; 6 to 8 years = 36” x 24”; 8 to 10 years = 36” x 27”.

Pro Tip

For the cape, use liquid metal fabric. Typically it can be found in the costume-fabric section at most large-name fabric stores. Liquid metal fabric doesn’t fray, so no need to worry about hemming or other more time-consuming sewing techniques. Other fabrics that are easy to work with that you might consider for the cape include flannel, fleece, knit and some other costume fabrics. These may not have the same lightweight airy feel to them, but will work.

Step 2

Stitch the Top and Pull It Tight

Along the top longer edge of your cape, sew a basting stitch. This is essentially a very long straight stitch. Do not reinforce either end of this stitch when sewing. Next, gather the fabric by gently pulling on the bobbin thread on each side until the cape is pulled together and gathered in the middle.

Step 3

Measure and Cut Ribbon

Cut the 1-1/2” ribbon. Make it double the length of the gathered end of the cape plus one extra inch.

Step 4

Add Velcro

Cut two 1” pieces of the hook-and-loop tape (Velcro). It essentially has two sides, one with “hooks” (the rough, scratchy side); and the other side has “loops” (the soft side). Separate the hooks from the loops on both pieces. Place the hook (scratchy) pieces on the right side of the folded piece of ribbon, one inch from each end. Pin the Velcro pieces in place just through one layer of ribbon. Sew a square around each Velcro piece using a normal straight stitch.

Step 5

Fold and Sew Ribbon

Fold the ribbon back together right sides facing in; sew around the outer three edges. Leave the bottom long edge unsewn/open. Turn right-side out.

Step 6

Match Up Velcro

You should now have the two hook pieces of Velcro sewn onto your ribbon, with the bottom of that ribbon open. Match up the two loop pieces of Velcro with the top back of the T-shirt. Sew the loop pieces in place on the T-shirt.

Step 7

Tuck Cape Into Ribbon and Fasten Together

Slide the open end of the ribbon, Velcro-side up, onto the underside of the cape. You want the wrong side of the cape (not the shiny side) facing up. Slip the gathered edge inside of the ribbon. Then, pin the cape’s gathered top inside the bottom edge of the ribbon. Sew in place.

Step 8

Emblaze the Chest

Embellish the front of the shirt. We simply cut a shape out of felt (you can also use fleece or knit fabric). Then used a thread and needle to hand-sew the shape directly onto the shirt.

Pro Tip

You can also use fabric glue if you do not wish to hand-sew.

Step 9

Prepare Mask Fabric

To make the mask, print the downloadable mask template (if you haven’t already). Cut around the mask and cut out the eye holes. Use the Coats & Clark Phoomph fabric stiffener product. Follow the instructions on the package and adhere the liquid metal fabric to both sides of the Phoomph.

Step 10

Cut Out Mask and Add Strap

Use a pen to trace around the mask pattern directly onto the fabric-covered Phoomph (Image 1). Use scissors to cut out the fabric mask shape. Cut a piece of elastic string 15 inches long. Tie both ends of the string into the holes on the side of your mask (Image 2).

Step 11

Make the Cuff

To make the cuff print the downloadable cuff template (if you haven’t already). Then, cut out the pattern piece from your fabric-covered Phoomph. Embellish the cuff if desired using leftover felt fabric; cut out shape and sew around directly onto your cuff.

Step 12

Add Velcro

Fasten a piece of 3” Velcro. Separate the loop and hook Velcro pieces, and sew them onto opposite ends of your cuff, one on the right side, and the other on the bottom wrong side.

Step 13

Put It All Together and Wear With Style

Don your cape, slide on the mask and fasten the cuff. Now it is time to save the world.