Step 1

Resize Paper and Cut Template

Cut sheets of cardstock into 4" x 4" squares. Trace the template onto the paper using a pencil. Use a craft knife to cut out the traced lines. This is where a cutting mat comes in handy.

Step 2

Add Decorative Details

For the white paper, we used a Martha Stewart All-Over Craft Punch (Caned) that to create the secondary design. We lined up the paper so that each punch would take up a quarter of the paper. The cardstock is a little thick for the punch, so you may have to press hard to make the cut.

The result was a pretty punched pennant with a caned pattern.

Step 3

Perfect Poinsetta

For the next pennant, trace the poinsettia pattern onto the red cardstock squares. Use the craft knife to cut out the design.

Step 4

String Together and Display

Punch holes in the top corners of each square to thread them together. Hang up on your wall, across your mantel or even around your Christmas tree for a pretty, inexpensive decoration.