How to Make a Pom-Pom Bouquet

Grab the kids, and make a darling bouquet of flowers that will never die. This simple craft only takes a few minutes.

Make a forever bouquet to give to a friend or display in your own home. You (and your kiddos) will love this fun, easy project.

Decorative Flowers Made From Pom-Poms and Sticks

DIY Pom-Pom Flower Bouquet

Grab the kids, and make a darling bouquet of flowers that will never die. This easy craft requires just a few minutes and a few materials.

Photo by: Allie Holcomb King

Allie Holcomb King

What You'll Need

  • sticks
  • wire brush
  • pom-poms
  • hot glue gun
  • twine
  • kraft paper or card stock

Gather Materials

Photo by: Allie Holcomb King

Allie Holcomb King

Gather sticks from your backyard to act as stems for your flowers. Choose sticks of the same size, and search for dry ones. If your sticks are damp, let them dry indoors for 24 hours before proceeding.

Clean + Break Sticks

Use a wire brush to clean sticks and remove any unwanted residue. Then, break or cut sticks to desired length.

Glue Pom-Poms to Sticks

Use your fingers to open up a pom-pom to its center. Once you’ve found the center, apply a large dot of hot glue. Then, insert the tip of a stick into the hot glue. Fold the surrounding pom-pom fibers around the tip of the stick, and pinch to secure hot glue. Repeat for each flower.

Attach Card to Bouquet

Photo by: Allie Holcomb King

Allie Holcomb King

If you plan to gift your bouquet, create a small card to go with it. Use kraft paper or card stock, and write a sweet message. Punch a hole in the card's upper corner, and attach the note using twine.

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