Hanging your holiday centerpiece is an unexpected twist on the classic decoration that your family and guests will adore. It won’t get in the way when speaking to other party-goers across the table, and it leaves more room for all the tasty food and sweet treats.

Step 1



Wrap the Wreath

Roll out moss and begin pinning to Styrofoam wreath with floral pins. Cut large pieces of moss from the roll, wrap around the wreath and pin down every four to five inches (or wherever the moss is not lying flat on the Styrofoam).  

Pro Tip

Designate which side will be the bottom and which will be the top. Keep most of the pins on top when possible. (The top is the side closest to the ceiling, so it will not be seen when hanging.)

Step 2



Join the Cones

Grab your Styrofoam cones and pair up like sizes — small cones together and larger cones together. Next, grab two cones of the same size and put them together to form a 3-D diamond shape. Attach to each other using floral pins. You will have three completed diamond shapes, one larger and two smaller.

Step 3

Cover Diamonds in Moss

Roll each of your three diamond shapes in moss and secure with floral pins. Cut off excess and pin down moss ends. Repeat this process until all three cones are completely covered in moss.

Secure one additional floral pin at the top of each cone and cut a long piece of monofilament (about 1 to 2 feet long) to attach to each pin. You can cut the monofilament down to varying lengths later.

Step 4



Secure the Ornaments

Cut three pieces of monofilament, about 18 to 20 inches long, for the three glass ornaments that will be included in your centerpiece. Thread through each ornament and triple-knot it to secure the clear thread. Cut off excess from knot and leave remaining string intact for hanging later.

Step 5

Create Atomic Star

Now it’s time to make the large atomic star shape. Begin by cutting your floral wire strips into varying lengths (majority of pieces were cut to 8 inches and 5 inches for this part of the project). Bend longer pieces in the center and poke through the moss-covered Styrofoam rock with both ends, securing with craft glue.

Step 6

Add Finishing Touches

To create pointed pieces with the circular pods on the end, poke two pieces through the Styrofoam rock, about one inch apart from each other. Push the ends that are sticking out together to form more of a triangle shape. Add glue to the ends and push the joined ends through a dried pod ball.

Use a combination of these steps to complete the atomic star. Wait for it to completely dry before tying a long piece (2 to 3 feet) of monofilament to one of the rounded star points that does not have a dried pod on the end of it.

Step 7



Determine Height of Wreath

Now it’s time to assemble all the finished pieces. Decide how high or low you want the wreath portion of your centerpiece to hang. Then double that number to figure out how long each piece of monofilament should be in order to hold the wreath in place. Cut four pieces of monofilament to the length you have determined. Example: If you want the wreath to hang three feet from the ceiling, cut four pieces of monofilament that are each six feet long.

Wrap string around the wreath at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, keeping each string evenly spaced from the next. Pull all four pieces up together, above the wreath, knot the strings together three or four times and hang from ceiling hook.

Step 8

Assemble the Pieces

Begin poking floral pins halfway through the bottom of your now hanging wreath. This is how you will attach your ornaments, atomic star and 3-D diamond shapes. String the monofilament of each shape through the pins, and triple-knot it around the hook once you have reached the desired length. You’ll want to vary the lengths so that each shape hangs down at a different height. Cut off excess and push floral pins all the way in, so they are flush with the wreath’s surface. Cover any exposed floral pins with small patches of moss and a little glue.