Ahoy, Trick-or-Treaters!

Looking for a fun, alternative way to make your Halloween costume? Try cardboard. By recycling this fabulous material, you can make a variety of awesome budget-friendly Halloween costumes like this one-man canoe.

Step 1

Draw and Cut Out Boat Pieces

Cut one piece of cardboard into a long rectangle shape. Draw a curved edge on the bottom of both sides. Cut out the shapes using either a box cutter or scissors. Repeat for second piece of cardboard.

Step 2



Hot Glue the Edges

Place two pieces of cardboard on top of each other and hot glue the side curved edges. DO NOT GLUE the bottom of the boat/cardboard shut. You'll need an opening for the legs.

Step 3

Cut and Glue Bench Pieces

Cut two identical trapezoid shapes for the boat's benches. Hot glue the trapezoids at the sides into the top of the canoe, pushing the canoe open. Hold the pieces in place for a few minutes to allow the hot glue to dry.

Step 4

Make the Oar

To make the oar, cut two half oval shapes. They can be attached on one side. Slip the cardboard tube into the center of one of the half ovals and apply hot glue around the top edge. Place the other half oval on top and press firm allowing the glue to dry for a few minutes. Repeat for other side of oar.

Almost finished...You now have an adorable cardboard canoe and oar!

Step 5



Spray Paint and Decorate

Spray paint the entire canoe and oar in a well-ventilated area (outside). Allow to dry fully. Use white paint and a paintbrush to decorate with numbers and/or stripes.

Step 6



Add Some Adorable Shoulder-Strap Suspenders

To add the canoe suspenders, so that your little one doesn't need to hold it in place all night long, simply cut two 20" strips of elastic. Hot glue each end of the elastic to the inside canoe, crisscrossing them in the center.

Step 7



Put It All Together

The DIY cardboard canoe is a cute kid-friendly, handmade costume that your little one will love paddling around on Halloween night.