Step 1

Cut Twine

Cut 16 strands of of twine 80 inches long. 

Step 2

Paint Beads

Paint or decorate your wood beads. We made ours to look like eyeballs.

While they dry, use a carving knife cut a hole in the top of your faux pumpkin large enough to insert a plant.

Step 3

Make the Tail

Make a knot that forms the hanging tail. Use hot glue to attach the knot to the bottom of the pumpkin. Make the tail 6 to 8 inches long.

Pro Tip

At this point, you might find it easier to hang the planter upside down in order to get the knots even while you work.

Step 4

Divide Twine, Make First Knot

Separate the remainder of the yarn in to four sets of four. Measure evenly down the twine and tie in a knot.

Step 5

Knot Evenly Every Few Inches

Use two strands of twine from two neighboring sections combining to make a new set of four strands of twine. Knot together those pieces together. Continue all around the pumpkin keeping knots at the exact same length.

Step 6

Add Beads

When you get to the top of pumpkin, make four bunches of twine again. Make small knots where you want to thread on the eye balls. Add another small knot after adding the beads.

Step 7

Add Plant and Tie Off

Add a plant like sweet potato vine that will drape down the sides of the pumpkin. 

Gather all the twine at the top of the pumpkin and tie into a knot for hanging. Hang by your front door or window. Get more outdoor decorating ideas for fall >>