How to Make a Leather and Feather Cat Toy

With fringed leather and bright feathers, this DIY cat toy is sure to provide hours of exercise and fun for your feline friend.
By: Carla Wiking

Keep Him Occupied

Every kitty deserves a fun treat, and a trendy color palette of neon and nude insures this DIY cat toy will look cool in your home, even when it’s not in use.

Tools and Materials

Gather your supplies. You will need a wooden dowel (5/16" x 36"), 1 yard of leather cord, a scrap of leather, neon feathers, neon acrylic paint, scissors, painter’s tape, a paintbrush and craft glue (optional).

Paint Your Stick

Use painter’s tape to mark off where you would like to apply paint on the dowel. It may take two coats to get complete coverage. Allow the paint to fully dry before attaching the cord.

Fringe the Leather

Cut a piece of leather about 6” long and 2 1/5” wide. Then cut fringe by slicing up the piece every 1/4” stopping 1” from the top of the leather. Scissors work just fine for this; however, if you have a rotary cutter and self-healing mat, the process will go even faster.

Thread The Leather

Cut a small hole in the center of the unfringed part of the leather. The easiest way to make a small hole is by snipping a very small X. Thread the suede cord through the hole.

Tie on the Feathers

Use the piece of cord that has been threaded through the leather to attach the feathers. A strong double knot should hold well. To make the knot extra secure, apply some craft glue. Trim off any excess cord.

Tie to the Stick

With the other end of the leather cord, tie a knot around the end of the dowel. Wrap the cord a few times before securing the knot. Again, if you would like to make it extra strong, add some craft glue. Trim off any excess cord.


Wiggle the stick and watch your cat come running. If you thought making this toy was fun, just wait until you see your kitty play with it.

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