This final stocking measures 19”h x 12”w. If you want a smaller stocking, simply scale the pattern when printing to your desired size (70%, 80%, 90%, etc.). Download and print pattern

Step 1

Use Pattern to Cut Fabric

Cut out your fabric using the pattern pieces. Cut two mirror images for the stocking’s exterior, two mirror images for the lining and one piece for the loop.

Step 2

Cut Fringe

Cut one rectangle piece of knit fabric for the fringe. If more fringe is desired, cut two fringe pattern pieces and double them up. 

Following the pattern instructions, use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut long slits up the fabric leaving the top inch intact. 

Step 3

Pin and Sew Lining

Place two lining pieces right-sides together and pin around the side edges. Leave the top open as well as a 5” opening along the back edge. Sew the two pieces together. Clip the seam allowance. 

Step 4

Pin and Sew Exterior

Place two exterior stocking pieces right-sides together and pin around the side edges. Leave the top open and sew. Clip the seam allowance.

Step 5

Double Up Fringe

Fold fringe in half, matching up the top side edge. Pin the top 1” edge together at the side edge and sew. 

Step 6

Attach Fringe to Stocking

Turn exterior stocking right-side out and push out all edges. Slip fringe around the top of the stocking and pin the top edge in place. Sew 1/8” away from the top edge to secure. 

Step 7

Make the Loop

Fold stocking loop in half right sides together and pin the long side edge and sew. Use a safety pin to turn stocking loop tube right-side out and press. 

Step 8

Attach Loop to Stocking

Match up the bottom raw edges of your stocking loop, creating the actual loop. Pin the raw edges to the top back edge of your exterior stocking. Sew 1/8” away from the top edge to secure.

Step 9

Attach Lining to Exterior

Slip the lining wrong-side out, around the exterior stocking right-side out, matching up all seams. Make sure all of the fringe and the loop are inside of the stocking. Pin around the top edge and sew.

Step 10

Turn Out and Stitch Closed

Turn stocking right-side out through the opening in the lining. Whipstitch lining opening closed. Push the lining inside of stocking and press.