Get the kids involved with this carve-free, glam pumpkin idea. All you need are thumbtacks, a printable pattern or pen.

Step 1

Draw Desired Pattern

Draw your desired pattern on the pumpkin with a pen, or tape a printable pattern to the pumpkin.

Step 2

Insert Thumbtacks

Poke holes over the pen marks or pattern with a small screwdriver if using rivets, making sure the holes are close enough so the rivets slightly overlap. Insert thumbtacks or rivets. If you're doing a spiderweb pattern, start with a cross (Image 1), followed by an X (Image 2), then finish the rest of the pattern (Image 3).

Step 3

Photo by: Bruce Cole

Bruce Cole

Display Pumpkins

Make as many thumbtack pumpkins as desired, and display to give your porch a glam look.