How to Make a Gift Basket of Cheese, Nuts and Crackers

Line a vintage basket with any decorative packing material and fill with a slate cheese board, artisanal cheeses, chutney, almonds, gourmet crackers and spreading knives.

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Cheese Plate

You don’t have to be a certified cheese-monger to know good cheese when you see — or smell it. This gift boasts a healthy collection of favorite cheesy varieties, plus all the accoutrements needed to enjoy them. A hand-written or printed menu card adds the finishing touch and lets your recipients know exactly what fine delicacies they’ll be enjoying.

Tools and Materials

Vintage basket, natural excelsior or packing material, three to five artisanal cheeses (we recommend a mix of fresh, aged, soft and hard cheeses), plastic wrap, crackers, jarred chutney or honey, Marcona almonds, small Mason jar, spreading knives and twine.

Prepare Components

Remove cheeses from the packaging they arrive in and rewrap tightly with plastic wrap for a neater presentation. Pour Marcona almonds into small Mason jar and seal. Tie spreading knives together with twine. Handwrite or print menu card listing basket components.

Prepare Basket

Line bottom of basket with packing material. Set slate cheese board on its side in back of basket, and carefully arrange the remaining ingredients in front of it. Last, place menu card somewhere visible.

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