After you make this adorable flower costume, just watch how still your child will stand while they are imitating flowers- it's fantastic. Almost better than the quiet game. Almost.

Step 1

Cut the Leaf

The arm leaves are actually one big leaf that stretches from wrist to wrist. Cut the green felt into a 38" x 12" rectangle. Use scissors to cut an arc into the edges so that they come to near points toward the ends in a leafy shape.

Step 2

Trim Leaf

Use green ribbon to decorate the green felt leaf. Simply pin the ribbon around the edges of the leaf and sew directly on using a zigzag stitch.

Step 3

Add Veins

Add ribbon in the center of the leaf to give a veiny effect. You only need to do this on one side of the leaf because the zigzag stitch will create a veiny effect on the other side.

Step 4

Attach Arm Holes

Cut the elastic into strips: two 10” strips and two 6” strips. Pin the two 10” elastic strips to the top center of the leaf, approximately 10 inches apart. Pin the ends of each elastic strip to the felt and sew over the raw cut edges of the elastic.

Step 5

Wrist Loops

Fold one of the 6” elastic strips in half so that the raw edges meet at the ends creating a loop. Pin the raw edges of the loop to the top edge of your leaf’s end point. You want the loop to be popping up from the leaf. Sew the raw edges of the elastic to the leaf to secure. Repeat for other side.

Step 6

Cut and Sew Petals

Cut the petal felt into large ovals approximately 12” x 6”. You will need about 6 to 7 ovals. Fold each oval in half and sew around the outer edge. Leave about a ½” open at the fold on each side.

Step 7

Thread the Petals Together

Attach the safety pin to one end of the yellow ribbon (Image 1). Then, slip the flower petals onto the ribbon by threading the safety pin through the opening on each petal (Image 2).

Step 8

Petal Power

Push the petals together so that they make a circle. Tie the ribbon ends together and you now have a flower petal headband to complete your costume. Simply tie around your child’s head to secure.

Step 9

Put the Pieces Together

Pair the leaves and flower petal headband with any green pants and shirt. We found a pair of striped green pajamas that work perfectly with our costume. This adorable outfit is sure to get some use all year long, not just for Halloween!