How to Make a Felt Table Runner

Add custom colors to a table setting by crafting this inexpensive felt table runner.

Festive Fabrics

If you have an oddly sized table, making a DIY table runner is often the fastest, simplest, and least expensive solution. Felt is an easy fabric to work with because it doesn’t fray and it’s cheap. Our table runner is 12” x 98”, to make this size, you’ll need: 1 to 2 yards red felt; 1/3 or ½ yard orange, purple and blue felt; a rotary cutter; cutting mat; and a metal straight edge.

Cut Fabric Strips

Cut multi-colored felt into 12” strips. A rotary cutter and a metal straight edge on a cutting mat is the fastest and easiest way to cut long straight lines in the felt.

Mark One-Inch Slits

On the long red piece of felt. Use a permanent marker or fabric marker and a straight edge to keep the line straight, mark off 1” slits, every other inch.

Cut Slits

Use a pair of sharp craft scissors to snip a hole at the beginning of the marked slit. Then cut the rest of the slits.

Thread Strips into Slits

Thread the 1” x 12” colored strips through each slit in the red felt.

Pin on Backside

Pin the strips into place.

Sew to Secure Strips

Sew a straight line down the line of the slits to secure the colored felt strips.

Trim Excess and Decorate

If necessary, trim each of the strips if they’d stretched out while sewing. The runner can be used on either side. If you spill food on one side, just flip it over and use the other side.

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