Step 1

Trim Individual Leaves

Cut 20 leaves from the sheet of felted wool. Use your sharpest scissors to freehand the shape of each leaf. Mistletoe leaves are long and narrow, with one rounded end and a point on the other end.

Step 2

Attach Leaves to Florist Wire

Cut 10 pieces of florist wire about 6” long. Felted wool has a thickness to it so it’s easy to thread 2" to 3” of wire between the layers of wool, inside of the leaf. Let 1/4” of wire slip through the surface. Bend the short exposed piece of wire to lock it in place.

Using the remaining 2" to 3” of wire, attach a leaf to the other end. Each 6” piece of wire will have a leaf attached to each end.

Step 3

Assemble Mistletoe Branches

Cut two 12” pieces of wire. These will become the longer branches from which the leaves can hang. Piece by piece, attach the leaves to the longer piece of wire using floral tape to bind them together. Floral tape is a bit tacky so it adheres really well to itself. It has good coverage, so wrap it all around the exposed wire to create the look of wooden branches.

As your branches begin to take shape, add white berries to finish off the decor. Thread white pompoms, wool balls or even cotton balls through a 3” length of wire, and then wrap it in position amongst the leaves. Use additional floral tape to secure them in place.

Step 4

Hang It High

Attach the branches to the door frame with a pushpin (if you poke it into the top of the frame, you’ll never see the hole). Adjust the branches by bending the wire, and adore your felt mistletoe decor for the entire holiday season.