Step 1

Gather Materials

This is a great way to upcycle a broken rake that is unusable. We used a metal rake, but a plastic or bamboo rake could be used as well.

Step 2

Remove Handle

Remove the rake head from the handle, spray paint both sides and allow it to dry.

Step 3

Start With Tallest Foliage

Add your longest foliage elements by threading them through the tines of the rake.

Step 4

Add Leaves

Tuck the leaves into the base of the rake.

Step 5

Continue Layout

Continue adding elements until you are happy with the design. Group items in threes and arrange them asymmetrically for a natural looking arrangement.

Step 6

Secure With Wire

Use small twists of wire to secure the branches to the tines of the rake.

Step 7

Clean Up the Edges

Trim all of the ends of the branches that are sticking out beyond the rake.

Step 8

Tie a Pretty Bow

Tie burlap ribbon or twine around the base of the rake.

Step 9

Add a Way to Hang It

Take a length of wire about 5” long and use it to create a loop for hanging. Thread it under the cross bar that hold the tines of the rake and twist into a loop.

Step 10

Display Proudly

Hang your rake from a nail or wreath hook and celebrate fall in style!