In order to make the indoor egg hunt a little more festive, use tissue paper scraps, a little twine and some washi tape, to whip up some adorable mini tassels. Then hang the tassels from a tree branch. It’s bright, cheerful and just plain adorable. 

Step 1

Find a Branch

Go on a hunt for a branch. Full disclosure: I used the “hunt” as a sneaky way to enlist my daughter’s help to pick up some of the sticks around the yard before declaring one as THE PERFECT BRANCH. I then used a tall vase and some sand as an anchor for my branch.

Step 2

Cut Tissue Paper

Cut the tissue paper into 3" x 5" pieces. Tissue paper makes perfect tassels, so grab whatever spring-y colors you have on hand. You’ll also need some washi tape, twine or ribbon, and scissors – bonus points if you have fringe scissors, because that will save you some time. 

Step 3

Fold in Half

Fold the tissue paper over once, lengthwise.

Step 4

Cut Fringes

Use either the fringe scissors or regular scissors to cut thin strips, but stop cutting 1/2" from the fold.

Step 5

Unfold Paper

Open the tissue paper back to original size.

Step 6


Starting at one end, roll the tissue paper all the way to the opposite end. 

Step 7

Cinch in the Middle

Tie a 6" length of twine or ribbon around the center of the rolled tissue paper.

Step 8

Bend Around Twine

Fold the rolled tissue in half at the string.

Step 9

Wrap Middle With Tape

Wrap a short length of washi tape around the rolled and folded tissue, just below the string. Then tie a knot in the top of the string to form a loop to hang on the branch. 

Step 10

Repeat Several Times

Repeat the steps until you have made enough tassels to deck out your Easter tree.