Step 1

Gather Materials

You will need three grapevine wreaths in three different sizes.

Step 2

Paint Wreaths

Use a sponge to add white paint to the wreaths. Remember we are going for a rustic look here, so a perfect paint job is not necessary. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 3

Connect Doilies and Wreath

Attach doilies to the back sides of the three wreaths. Look for inexpensive doilies at thrift stores or craft stores, even lace yardage can be cut to fit.  Use yarn to tie the doilies to the wreaths so that they are taunt.

Step 4

Attach Wreaths

Use zip ties to attach the three wreaths together with the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom.

Step 5

Dress It Up

At this point when you start to embellish the wreath, it is easiest to hang it on a door using a wreath hanger

Step 6


You can add as much or as little to your wreath as you would like. Use a hot-glue gun and supplies from the floral department to embellish your snow lady.

Step 7

Add Personality

Add a face using glitter canvas sheets, give your girl a denim scarf and don’t forget the headband.  

Step 8

Add Arms

Use more zip ties to attach two stick arms.