Step 1

Paint Stencils

Place the stencil on the foam skulls. Using craft paint (a dry brush technique is always better when stenciling) apply the design to the skills. Allow the stencils to dry completely.

Step 2

Wrap Wreath Form

Place the foam wreath on the serape and roughly measure and cut the serape to fit around the wreath. 

Step 3

Cut and Wrap Serape

Cut the serape into triangles so that it will easily wrap around the inside of the wreath. Don't worry if this step looks messy because it will not be visible when the wreath is hung.

Step 4

Adorn Wreath

Using a hot-glue gun add flowers, skulls and small bunches of tulle to the wreath.

Step 5

Add Ribbon

Use hot glue to add ribbon, trim and twine in various colors and lengths to the bottom of the wreath.