Step 1

Measure Hood Size

Fold the fabric in half and drape it around your child’s head creating a hood, mark the spot where the two pieces meet under the chin. Wrap the fabric until it overlaps on either side near the armpits and mark the connections.

Step 2

Add Fasteners

Sew snaps to both sides of the three spots that you marked.

Step 3

Make Elbow Holes

Try the cloak on your child and mark where their elbows fall. Cut slits at each elbow mark for arm holes.

Step 4

Rough It Up

Cut slits in the bottom to create a more ragged appearance. You can also make the bottom shorter if need be.

Step 5

White Face

Paint the ghost’s face with white paint, leaving large holes around the eyes.

Step 6

Blacken Eyes

Fill in around the eyes with the black eye shadow.

Step 7

Put It All Together

Dress all in black, don your ghostly cloak and haunt the night!