Holiday Stockings Three Ways 06:39

Watch the step-by-step instructions of this project, plus two more DIY stocking projects.


We made a classic stocking and gave it a modern twist with the use of polka-dotted felt. 

Step 1

Create Pattern and Trace

Create a pattern to get the exact shape you want. Draw a stocking shape on brown craft paper or a paper bag then cut it out. 

Fold the burlap fabric in half, pretty-side to pretty-side and place the stocking paper pattern on top. Trace the pattern onto the fabric using the fabric pen. 

Step 2

Cut Fabric

Remove the pattern and pin the fabric together. Cut out the stocking shape through both layers. 

Step 3

Sew Two Sides Together

Sew a half-inch seam around the edge of the stocking, leaving the top open. Remember to back stich at the beginning and the end.

Step 4

Cut Cuff Fabric

Cut a rectangle of the cuff fabric that’s twice the width of the inside-out stocking and twice as wide as you want it to be, plus an extra inch for the seams. 

Step 5

Sew Cuff

Fold the cuff pretty-side to pretty-side so the short ends touch. Sew a half-inch seam, then flip it in half right-side-out so that you have a cuff that’s the width you want and is pretty on both sides. 

Step 6

Attach Stocking to Cuff

Slip the cuff around the outside of the inside-out stocking with the folded edge down and the rough edges lining up around the opening. Sew all the way around the opening.

Step 7

Add a Loop

Create a loop to hang the stocking with a two-inch piece of ribbon. Glue it the loop onto the inside of the stocking. 

Step 8

Finish It Up

Flip the stocking right-side-out and fold down the cuff.