How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt From a Tablecloth

Save time and money this year by upcycling an old, round tablecloth into an easy-sew Christmas-tree skirt.
By: Jess Abbott

Skirt the Issue

This budget-friendly, easy-sew holiday craft is the perfect thing to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Tools and Materials

For this frugal project, you will need one 70” round tablecloth (polyester water-resistant fiber preferred), two 10-yard spools of 1/2” ribbon, 2 yards of 1” thick ribbon, basic sewing essentials (pins, scissors, thread, sewing machine) and fabric glue or Fray Check (optional).

Fold in Quarters

Fold the tablecloth in half. Then fold in half again, so that it is in quarters.

Cut Out Arc

At the folded center point, cut out an even arc. It should be approximately 7 inches from the point tip to the cut line all around. There will now be a hole in the middle of your tablecloth

Create Closure

Cut a straight line from the circle, all the way to the edge of the tablecloth. This will be the back closure of your tablecloth. Optional: If your tablecloth is not made of a water-resistant fabric, you will probably want to cover-stitch the raw edges of the seams, so that they do not fray. The easiest way to do this is to either serge the cut edges or zigzag stitch all around the cut edges. Another non-sewing option is to use the project fray check. You may want to test it with some scrap fabric first to ensure it won’t make the fabric bleed.

Ribbon Cutting

Cut the 1/2” ribbon into eight 60” strips. You may wish to use fray check on the ends of each ribbon strip. Fold each ribbon strip in half, and press the folded center to form a small crease in the ribbon.

Add Ribbon

Place the folded center of the ribbon around the cut circle in the tablecloth, so that the tablecloth is in between each side of the ribbon. Pin the folded center in place, and repeat at evenly-spaced intervals around the center of your tablecloth. Sew around the center of the tablecloth to secure the folded edges in place. You can also use fabric glue instead of sewing.

Connect Closure

Cut the 1” ribbon into four 18” strips. Place the ribbon strips along alternating sides of the back closure of the tablecloth. Make sure they line up on each side, and pin them to place along the raw edge. Sew the edges to secure, or use fabric glue.

Create Bustles

To create the Christmas tree skirt bustles, simply tie the front and back ribbons together all around.

Bonus Points

Bonus: The polyester fabric of the tablecloth is often made to repel water, which is perfect for protecting your floors when watering the tree!

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