Holiday Stockings Three Ways 06:39

Ariel shows you three easy ways to make cute fabric holiday stockings.


Bohemian-Inspired Mantel Decor

Give your holiday decorations a new twist with Christmas stockings crafted from burlap, muslin and colorful tassels. Use red and green tassels for a traditional look or mix up the colors to match your home decor. 

Step 1

Make the Tassels

Gently pull out 6 to 8 inches of embroidery thread and cut it off of the skein. Cut the piece in half and tie around each end of the skein. Tie a knot, wrap around a few more times to create a pretty binding and tie off again with another knot.

Make sure both ends are wrapped tightly. Trim ends if needed. Cut the skein right in the middle to create two tassels.

Step 2



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Print Template and Cut Fabric

Download, size and print our handy stocking template. Iron both the burlap and muslin fabric. Lay out two matching pieces of each fabric for each side of the stocking. Pin the two layers of the burlap to the template and cut out the stocking shape. (If you feel more comfortable cutting one piece at a time then do so.) Then pin the templates to the muslin pieces and cut out the stocking shape.

Step 3



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Sew the Edges

For the burlap, line up the two pieces on top of each other and sew around the edge, leaving a 1/2" selvedge, the distance from the edge of fabric to where your needle sews. Sew around the sides and foot, but do not sew the top opening.

For the muslin, fold down the top of the stocking pieces toward the outside of the stocking, and press lightly with an iron. Lay each piece on top of each other, folded sides out and sew them together leaving a 1" selvedge. Trim with scissors leaving about a 1/4" selvedge.

Insert the muslin stocking into the burlap stocking; fix it to lay flat by putting your hand inside the muslin through to the bottom. The two pieces should fit nicely together. If not, sew the muslin piece a bit smaller and re-trim until it fits.

Step 4

Fluff Fringe and Attach Tassels

Pull the end threads of burlap to fringe the edges. Use your fingers to fluff up the fringe. Sew on the tassels by hand using a needle and thread. Add a fun ribbon and stitch it on to hang.

Another Holiday Stocking Idea 04:32

Have fun this holiday season by making homemade felt stockings.