Here’s the perfect way to get just the right color into your holiday decor. Combine small stripes of ribbon to a simple-sew stocking pattern to get the just the look you want.  We used glittery colors and patterns for an elegant bohemian vibe, but any color palette can be achieved.   

Step 1

Gather Materials and Print Pattern

This final stocking measures 21”h x 16”w. For a smaller stocking, simply scale the pattern when printing to your desired size (70%, 80%, 90%, etc.). Download and print the stocking pattern.

Step 2

Use Pattern to Cut Fabric

Cut out your fabric using the downloadable pattern pieces. Cut two mirror images for the stocking’s exterior fabric and two mirror images for the stocking’s lining. 

Step 3

Lay Out Stocking Face

Lay one exterior stocking piece (the side you want to be the front), right-side up on a piece of paper or tin foil. Gather your various ribbons, glue and scissors. 

Step 4

Cut Ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon the width of your stocking. 

Step 5

Glue Ribbon

Apply a line of glue along the wrong side of the ribbon.

Step 6

Flatten Down

Place the ribbon wrong side down on top of the stocking, smoothing down any wrinkles. 

Step 7

Cover With Ribbon

Repeat steps the process, gluing the strips of ribbon to the top of your stocking in your desired pattern. Don’t worry about the ends of the ribbon lining up, they can extend over the stocking fabric a bit. Allow a few hours for glue to dry. 

Step 8

All Glued Down

When you are finished, you should have this. 

Step 9

Sew Back and Front Together

Place back exterior stocking right side together with the front ribbon stocking, matching up all side edges. Pin together around the sides and sew, leaving the top open. Trim excess ribbon off the side seams.  

Turn stocking right side out.

Step 10

Pin and Sew Lining

Place lining pieces right-sides together and pin around side edges. Leave a 5” opening along one edge for turning and leave the top unsewn.

Step 11

Make a Loop

Cut a piece of non-stretch ribbon for the stocking’s loop to the length specified. Use the pattern as a guide. Place raw edges of the ribbon together to create a loop.

Pin the loop’s raw edges to the back exterior stocking seam. Baste stitch to secure. 

Step 12

Attach Lining to Exterior

With lining wrong-side out and stocking’s exterior right-side out, slip the exterior inside the lining. They should be right sides together. Match up the side seams and pin around the upper edge. Sew the two pieces together. 

Step 13

Turn Right-Side Out

Pull stocking right-side out through the opening in the lining. Whipstitch the opening closed and push lining inside of stocking. Edge stitch around the top of the stocking if desired.

Step 14

Add Accents

To give the stocking a little bohemian flair, add a rick-rack and trim tassel. Try ribbons, feathers or even a boa for more personality. Bunch them together and tie at the top using a piece of ribbon. Tie the rick- rack tassel to the stocking's loop.