How to Make a Woven Hanging Planter Basket

Learn to create a loom on a flower pot so that it can be woven into a boho-style hanging planter.

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Boho-inspired weavings are easier to create than you might think. Once you know the basics of creating a loom over a flower pot you are just an afternoon craft session away from creating your own woven hanging planter.

  • flower pot
  • tapestry needle
  • cardboard or sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • twine
  • yarn
  • plant
  • tape
  • glue

In order to weave on something you must first create a warp. These are the pieces of yarn or twine that typically run vertically and will act as the loom.

Cut small pieces of cardboard or roll sheets of paper and attach them in strips to the top and bottom of the flower pot using tape. This will making weaving easier by helping the warp of the loom stick out from the sides of the pot.

Create the warp by tying a piece of twine directly across the center of the pot.  Continue wrapping the twine in a clockwise motion over the pot until the entire container is covered and a warp is created. Make sure the warp is evenly spaced.

Tassels hanging at the bottom are added first. Use what is called a rya knot. These are created by putting a piece of yarn through two pieces of the warp making sure both sides are even. Bring the two end back to the center and pull them over the center piece of yarn.

Add as many layers of tassels and fringe as desired.

Begin weaving on top of the fringe. The standard technique is called a tabby weave. This is over and under each strand of the warp. Alternate when you go back around. A tapestry needle may or may not be used depending on preference.

This process can go faster if you use double thread as you weave or a thicker yarn. The pattern can be elaborate, striped or no pattern at all.

Continue weaving until you reach the top of the planter.  Hide ends of yarn by weaving them into the pattern.  

Tie off your warp by cutting strands short and two-by-two tying them in knots. 

Gently remove cardboard or rolled paper.

Braid or crochet strands of yarn the length the planter will hang. Slide down weaving and glue braids evenly to the sides of the planter. Allow the glue to dry.

Slide weaving back over the pot. Tuck the warp ends down and glue weaving to rim of planter.

Add an indoor plant that does not need much watering or drainage and hang.

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