Step 1

Choose Artwork

Choose your favorite pieces of art, making sure the pictures are simple enough to work as an embroidery pattern. If the pictures are large, you can take a picture (or scan) and shrink them down, or blow them up to the size.

Step 2

Embroidered Napkin

Embroidered Napkin

Trace Artwork

Next, place your napkin down on a hard surface, and lay the tracing paper on top followed by the artwork. Without moving the paper, trace the outline of the artwork with a pen or pencil. The pattern will transfer onto the napkin.

Step 3

Embroidered Napkin

Embroidered Napkin

Stitch Pattern

Insert your napkin inside an embroidery hoop in desired position. Stitch the image along your traced image. If your child is older, have them trace the pattern.

Step 4

Embroidered Napkin

Embroidered Napkin

Surprise Mom

Surprise Mom by setting the table with this made-from-the-heart gift.

Pro Tip

Hand wash to keep napkins clean.