I use a variety of permanent markers, including a few metallic ones. The patterned eggs are as simple as doodling whatever you please, but I ended up loving the ombre egg. It's easier than you might think and faster than mixing paints. 

Step 1

Choose Your Colors

Start with two shades of one color. In my case, I chose blue. I also wanted to add a little contrast, so I grabbed some thin craft tape.

Step 2

Apply Pattern With Tape

Apply your desired pattern on your egg using tape, pressing down firmly to make sure it adheres.

Step 3

Decorate With the Darkest Color

Color the top of the egg using the darkest color. 

Pro Tip

Wear rubber gloves to avoid getting marker on your fingertips.

Step 4

Decorate With the Lighter Color

Color a ring of the lighter color below the darkest color right above the tape.

Step 5

Decorate With the Lightest Color

Decorate with the lightest color, blending the line between light and dark. Repeat the process on the bottom of the egg, then use the lighter color to fill in the center of the egg. 

Step 6

Remove Tape

Allow the ink to dry, and remove the tape.

Pro Tip

If you want to skip the tape lines, continue blending all the way to the center so the top and bottom are dark and the center is light.