Halloween Horticulture Decorations

Mix succulents, cactuses and spiky greens into your Halloween decor for a natural look that is fun and also a bit outrageous. 

Photo By: Michael Hall


With some green paint and glitter, a foam head from the craft store is transformed into a planter that could turn you to stone.


Craft sand in Halloween colors layered in a clear bowl make the perfect terror-arium.

Brain Planters

Plastic doll heads get a lobotomy for the good of becoming spooky homes for succulents. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

DIY Frankenstein

Your plants will be doing the Monster Mash with a fun and easy sculpted air-dry clay planter. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Macrame With Eyeballs

Use a foam pumpkin as a planter and then suspend it with a black macrame hanger that is adorned with eyeball beads. Get the step-by-step instructions >>


An old birdcage is transformed into hanging basket with the help of a coconut-husk liner and viney plant.

Witch's Nose Dive

Have an extra pair of doll legs lying around? Paint them with stripes, stick them in a potted plant and watch people look twice.

Drip Pots

Spilling paint has never been so spooky. Turn a pot upside down and spill Halloween colored paint so that it runs down the sides. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Snakes in a Basket

You never know what is going to come crawling out from this grapevine hanging basket.


Raid the science lab for interesting vases and vessels. Faux or real foliage - your choice.

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