Growing Gifts: Make Your Own Seed Packets

If your flowers leave you with a multitude of seeds each year, share the wealth! Handmade paper collage seed packets make for clever packaging for storing small quantities and for giving the seeds as gifts.

Growing Gifts

Handmade seed packets are great for storing harvested wildflower seeds in style and for giving them away as lovely growing gifts.

Make a Template

Make a seed packet template and a fold guide by tracing the packet outline onto hard card stock. You can search for a template on the web, or you can do it the old-fashioned way by taking apart an empty seed packet. The fold guide is made by taking the original packet, cutting off the side flaps, and using the remaining piece to make a template. You can also use recycled file folders, greeting cards, or shoe boxes instead of purchasing hard card stock for the template and fold guide.

Gather Your Materials

Gather magazines, catalogs, cards, books, cartons, and any paper products that have interesting designs you would like to feature on your packets. The thicker covers and cards will make up the packets, and the thinner pages will be your collage pieces. Go through and pick images you like, and put them in a stack. Keep in mind color, shape and theme.

Trace and Cut

Visualize the finished piece as you figure out where to place the template. Then trace and cut out your packets. Using assembly method and working through your stacks, pick, trace and cut until you have the desired number of packets. Cut out your embellishments, and place in stacks along with the packet body pieces.

Fold and Glue

Using your fold guide, pre-fold the flaps and crease with your fingers along the edges of the folds. This will ensure nice and straight folds. Apply glue to the short side flap, overlap the bottom flap, and apply glue to the top of that flap. Fold the large side flap over onto the top of the two small flaps, and press to adhere. Remove the fold guide. Fold over the top flap, and make a crease.

Time to Embellish

Assemble and add your embellishments by adding glue to the backs and adhering them in the desired placements on the packets. Be creative!

Finishing Touch

Fill the packets with seeds, and finish off with a fancy paper clip. Give to friends, or keep them for yourself!

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