How to Turn a Plain Wicker Hat Into a Blinged Out Sun Hat

Find three different ways for customizing a perfect poolside sun hat.

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There is no reason why you can’t practice sun safety in style and get crafty at the same time. Wide brim hats are not only in vogue, they also protect your skin from serious UV Rays. Sun hats are the perfect blank canvas and are easily customized. Make one to match each caftan and swimsuit in your collection.

Nothing is easier than gluing trim to a hat. A quick stroll through the craft store and almost any pattern or color of decorative trim can be found. No reason to just choose one, go for a rainbow.

Using fabric glue or a hot-glue gun, attach trim to the brim of a hat. Allow the glue to dry completely.  

Give a plain straw hat the bohemian treatment.  

First use a pair of scissors to fray the edges of the hat.  The object is for the hat to look less "new" and slightly tattered.

Add a pattern to the hat by randomly applying painter's tape or washi tape to the brim. Using a sponge brush, paint the hat. Allow to dry.

Remove the tape to reveal painted pattern. Add a fun ribbon trim to the hat and perhaps some pompoms or flowers.

Heart-shaped sunglasses are the epitome of summer pool side cool. This fun hat is a throw back to the 60s when chic summer hats sometimes had built-in sunglasses.

Using a pattern, trace two heart shapes onto the brim of a hat.

Cut out the two hearts using fabric scissors.

Using the same heart pattern, cut out two hearts from the plastic tinted bill of a sun visor.

Use craft felt to make a pair of hearts slightly larger than the original pattern. Cut out the centers of the hearts.

Use hot glue to attach plastic hearts to the hat. Trim with felt hearts. Using felt, add arms to sunglasses onto the bill of the hat.

Protection from the sun’s rays is serious business, however how you choose to craft said protection does not have to be.

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