How to Make Fruity-Fun Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-dye shirts are awesome, but why not make them a little sweeter by creating lemon, kiwi or watermelon tie-dye shirts.

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Tie dye has so many possibilities.  You can go all navy for a shibori look, rainbow for a throwback vibe or how about fruit themed?  Yup, with the right dying patterns, colors and paint you can be wearing a kiwi by tomorrow.

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Not just a kiwi - think citrus and watermelon too. Tie-dye is the basis of these fun fruity T-shirts, but the fabric painted details of seeds and slices is what brings the look home.

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas


  • white t-shirt
  • fabric dye
  • rubberbands
  • fabric paint
Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Use a pre-washed 100% cotton t-shirt. Brand new clothing contains sizing which means the dye will not stay. Decide on a fruit theme and that will guide your color choices.  Brown and green for a kiwi or citrus colors for grapefruits and lemons.

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Most fruit can be made by using a simple circular binding technique with rubber bands. Use the rubber band placement as your guide when applying fabric dye. For example, a watermelon would be red on one side of the rubber band and green on the other. Where the rubber band is placed will be white.

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Allow dye to sit 24 hours (or follow package instructions).  Rinse and then wash.  Next, using fabric paint, decide on the details of your fruit; furry brown skin for a kiwi or yellow segments for lemon slices.

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Fruity Fin DIY Tie Dye Ideas

Allow fabric paint to dry 24 hours. All that is left to do is wear your fun fruity tie-dye t-shirts. This is a great project for kids and adults alike.

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