Six Free Downloadable Subversive Cross-Stitch Patterns and Instructions

Give everyone a little attitude with needle and thread. Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch created custom patterns just for us. Pick the one that is right for you and start stitching.

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Photo By: Crystal Martin ©Crystal Martin

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Crafty With an Attitude

Rather relax and zone out with your crafts instead of listening to everyone whine and complain? Go ahead, tell them how you really feel. Get the instructions and pattern

Is Your House Lived In, I Mean Really "Lived In"

Too busy to clean -- and besides, it's not that much fun. Kick your feet up and stitch this message to let the world know you're proud of your domestic diva-ness -- or lack thereof. Get the instructions and pattern

Set The Rules

Don’t put up with bad karma in your house. Download this free pattern, stitch the message and tell the meanies and grumps where to go. Get the instructions and pattern.

An Important Reminder

Do you say this to yourself everytime you pick up a wrench or go to turn on the hose bib? You're not alone, so does everybody else. Stitch a permanent reminder and hang it in a handy spot. Get the instructions and pattern.

Always Verify

This famous saying can be applied to many aspects of life. Use needle and thread to make a constant reminder that double-checking is always a good idea. Get the instructions and pattern.

Pet Proud

Pets are often the most important “people” in our lives. Download this free pattern, curl up on the couch with your loved ones and spend some relaxing-time stitching this sweet sentiment. Get the instructions and pattern.

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