Fabulous Thanksgiving Pumpkins Made From Vintage Afghans

Upcycle old crocheted comforters into decorative fall pumpkins.

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Nothing sets off your Thanksgiving table like pumpkins.  Sure you could buy real ones or even fake ones that look real, but you could also DIY your very own.  You will never pass up another afghan at the thrift store after seeing these DIY plush pumpkins.

Photo by: Jennifer M. Ramos

Jennifer M. Ramos

Great for a Friendsgiving table or even small ones for a fall wreath, these easy DIY pumpkins made from crocheted afghans are a unique addition to your decor.  The 70s colored blankets might otherwise be overlooked until you start to think of the pumpkin possibilities.

This episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins walks you through all the easy steps of making your own afghan pumpkins.


  • crocheted afghans
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • decorative trim
  • pantyhose
  • needle
  • stuffing
  • circle template
  • felt
  • glue
  • sticks

Cut the afghan into circles. The size of the circle will determine the size of the pumpkin. Use plates, embroidery hoops or bowls as your guide.

Using yarn and a large needle, start a slip stitch around the edge of the afghan circle.

Gently pull the yarn to gather the circle into a pouch.  This will be your guide for how large your pantyhose and stuffing should be.

Stuff stocking with enough batting to fill inside of the afghan pouch. Tie the ends off into knots. Most crocheted afghans have stitches far enough apart that batting would come through the holes, the pantyhose prevents that.

Place the batting filled pantyhose inside the afghan pouch.

Pull the slip stitch together to close the top of the pumpkin. Tie in a secure knot.

At this point, the pumpkin looks more like an afghan covered ball.

Photo by: Jennifer M. Ramos

Jennifer M. Ramos

Using twine or yarn, wrap the ball four times in an asterisk style pattern. This will give the pumpkin its sections.

Finish off the pumpkins by covering the yarn wrapped sections in decorative trims and ribbons using glue. Sticks from the yard can be added on top for the stem. Make leaves from felt to finish off the look. 

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