Easy-Sew and No-Sew Clothing and Accessories

Find budget-friendly projects you can make from upcycled materials, old clothes and fabric scraps.

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Photo By: Harlem F. Logan

Photo By: Harlem Logan

Photo By: Harlem F. Logan

Photo By: Harlem Logan

Photo By: Jason Kisner ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Jason Kisner ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Infinity Scarf

It doesn’t get much easier than this — you don’t even have to have a sewing machine. Simply take a long, narrow piece of fabric, fold it together lengthwise and stitch. Then close up the ends and you’re done. Get instructions to make this. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Leather Purse

You can upcycle an old leather handbag to make this cute little clutch. Again, no sewing machine needed. Cut the leather off the purse, stitch on a zipper then sew up the sides. Easy-peasy!  Get the step-by-step instructions. Project by Chelsea Costa

Fabric Flower

A small amount of fabric, a needle and thread are all that is needed to cultivate a pretty flower. Use it to adorn a sweater, belt or jacket, or wear it as a headpiece. Click here to get the how-to instructions. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Boot Socks

Don’t throw out old long-sleeved T-shirts — upcycle them into trendy boot socks. Just add a little elastic and a few embellishments to the cuff then slip them over your calves. Learn how to make these. Design by Jess Abbott

Sweater Shrug

Did you spill coffee on your favorite wool sweater, or did moths get to it first? Either way, bring it back to life as a pretty little jacket that you can wear over a T-shirt or a sleeveless dress. Find out how to make this. Design by Tiffany Threadgould

Necktie Tote Bag

Old neckties cost about a dime a dozen at thrift stores — Okay, maybe a little bit more, but they’re still cheap. Pick up a dozen and make this cute little carryall. Get step-by-step instructions. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Princess Dress

Colorful strips of tulle are knotted to a plain T-shirt then red ribbons are added for a bit of flair. The crown is optional. Learn how to make this project. Design by Jess Abbott

Plain T-Shirt Becomes a Halter-Top Bodice

The sleeves of the T-shirt are folded forward then cut at the hem to make the placket for the laced-up corset. The ribbon is continued up around the neck to make the halter strap. Click here to get the step-by-step instructions. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Tablet Holder

Carry your electronics in style with a custom-made tablet caddy. For the outer shell, use any fabric to express your individual style. For the inner shell, use a faux sheepskin or anything with cushion to help protect your electronics. Get how-to instructions for this project. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Fingerless Gloves

Before you throw out that old cable-knit sweater, put it in the washer to felt it. Then cut off the sleeves to make a fashionable set of wrist warmers. Find out how to make a set. Design by Tiffany Threadgould

Texture and Color

Tutus aren’t just for ballerinas and fairy princesses. Show off your individual style and create a fun skirt of many colors. Click here for instructions. Design by Ariel Bloomer 

Log Lugger

Make life a little simpler this winter by crafting a handy log carrier. This easy-to-make project incorporates two layers of heavy-duty fabric and a couple of wood dowels for the handles. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions. Design by Ariel Bloomer

Wedding Night Wear

Make a fun wedding shower or bachelorette party gift that is sure to incite lots of laughs and giggles, and who-knows-what on the honeymoon. Find out how to make this. Project by Jess Abbott

Flower Girl Dress

With the peek-a-boo under ruffle, flowing shoulder bow and sequin embellishments, this dress will incite lots of oohhs-and-aahhs when the little flower girl walks down the wedding aisle. Get the step-by-step instructions. Project by Jess Abbott

Ring Bearer Pillow

Have your ring bearer carry a handmade pillow on your wedding day. After the big day, the pretty cushion will become a cherished keepsake, especially because you made it yourself. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions. Project by Jess Abbott

No-Sew Braided Belt

This stylish belt was modeled after one sold at a high-end chain store, but it costs next to nothing to make. It took about a yard of fabric and a trip to the hardware store to get a couple pieces of brass plumbing for the bling. Click here to learn how to make this project.  Design by Chelsea Costa

Bow-Tie Onesie

Personalize a store-bought onesie to make a practical yet adorable baby gift, and the best part, you don't necessarily have to know how to sew. Get the how-to instructions. Project by Jess Abbott

Fabric Applique Onesie

Turn a store-bought onesie into a custom onesie for every month of baby’s first year. It’s easy and there is no sewing involved. Learn how to make this. Design by Jess Abbott

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