7 Easy Boho-Inspired Holiday Crafts

Add a festive touch of global-chic style to your holiday decor with these simple projects.

By: Joanne Palmisano

Denim Tasseled Ornaments

Upcycle old jeans to create ultra cool ornaments for your tree. Start by creating tassels for the bottom with embroidery thread; make sure there is a string coming out of the top of the tassel so you can insert into the ball. Place a twine loop and bead on the top of the ball (for hanging), using a skewer to punch a hole into the ball and adding hot glue to hold it in place. Then do the same for your tassel at the bottom. Cover the ball with strips of denim, hot gluing them in place. Then use feathers and beads along the top and base to cover up where the denim meets and the holes for the loop and tassel. Add fun patches or designs to the denim for a little extra pizzazz.

Feather + Pinecone Wreath

Upcycle a bicycle rim (or a large wooden hoop) to make this chic wreath. Wrap it in twine, colorful embroidery thread or yarn. Once the entire hoop is covered, add hanging ribbons, feathers and beads. Then embellish the top and bottom of the ring. Start with the larger pieces such as painted pinecones and then tuck in the feathers, painted sticks and other bits of nature and bling, hot gluing all of them in place. Then add a ribbon to hang your beautiful creation.

Arrow Garland

Get nature involved in your boho holiday this year. Use sticks, wood beads and feathers to create this sweet arrow garland. Lay the stick down and hot glue cut pieces of leather (or stiff fabric) to create the arrowhead. Sandwich the string in between the leather so you can attach the arrows together. Add beads, feather and another string to the other end of the stick using hot glue. You can even place a colorful wooden bead in between (hot gluing it inside to keep it in the middle of the string). Hang your garland on the mantel or your gypsy-style Christmas tree.

Dreamcatcher Tags

Instead of typical tags or garnish on your gift wrap, try a handmade dreamcatcher the receipt hang over their bed all year long. Use a mini wooden embroidery hoop to make the dreamcatcher. Start by tying a leather strip that will be the loop to hang it by. Wrap colorful cording thread and strips of leather twine around the hoop and hot glue the ends in place. Use more twine, thread and strings to crisscross the hoop. You can add a colorful initial so everyone knows who the present is for, then add feathers around the top of the metal hoop closure.

Fabric-Wrapped Ball Garland

Boho garland is as simple as colorful fabrics and Styrofoam balls. Cut fabric into long strips and then wrap the strips (layering) around the ball; use sewing pins to hold them in place. Then use a skewer to punch a hole through each ball and thread stiff wire through it to create your garland.

Holiday Stars

Give your Christmas tree a global look with these easy-to-make holiday stars. Cut star shapes out of cardboard. Use a hot-glue gun to adhere the loop hanger and feather first, then add different fabrics and ribbons to create unique patterns. Cut the excess fabric around the sides and glue on the edging ribbon or piping.

Branch + Fabric Tree

For a traditional Christmas tree alternative, try this hippie-style tabletop version. Wrap colorful twine, ribbons and fabrics around the sticks, then secure them together in a teepee. Tie more twine across the sticks then decorate with fabric swatches and ribbons. Add ornaments and you’ll have a festive bohemian holiday tree.

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