If the idea of homemade jewelery brings images of macaroni necklaces, rest assured – these earrings are modern, sophisticated, and a breeze to make. 

Step 1

Set Up

These wooden disks can be found in the wooden goods aisle. Earring parts can be found in most craft stores. 

Step 2

Tape And Paint

Tape off the disks at the midline and use a small flat paintbrush to paint on a coat of white to the lower half of the wooden disk. 

Step 3

Dip And Drill

Carefully dip the painted end of the wooden disk into the liquid gilding. Once the gilding is fully dry, use the smallest drill bit you can find to drill a small hole in the top of the disk for the earring hardware.

Step 4

Insert Hardware and Wear

Using a small ring through the drilled hole as the anchor, affix the earring hook. Now go out and wear your masterpieces!