10 Display Ideas for Your Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Fall's officially here and it's time to spook up every room in the house by decking out shelves, tables and your mantel with vintage Halloween collectibles.

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Chelsea Laine Francis

Photo By: Chelsea Laine Francis

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

It's All About the Display

Vintage Halloween collectibles are often the holy grail for holiday collectors. Fifty to seventy years ago, Americans didn't decorate extensively for Halloween, as we do now, so companies didn't produce today's wide volume and variety of products. Not to mention that parents may not have always saved those papier mache pumpkins and kids might have ruined their Halloween costumes and toys. This thrill of the holiday hunt makes it that much more important that your vintage holiday displays are just right.

Go Mad for Masks

Children of the '70s will remember the era of rigid plastic Halloween masks. Often in the form of superheroes, TV stars and slightly goofy monsters, these masks look amazing hung from a banner or, better yet, displayed still in the box (a rare find, indeed) as part of a Halloween grouping.

Shelfie Show Off

In addition to Halloween costumes' collectibility, smaller items like makeup, wigs and plastic fangs are also fun to display. Small wire photo holders, like these witch's hats, are a great way to draw attention to these rare finds. Get More Tips for Collecting Vintage Holiday Decor.

Incorporate Everyday Items

Sometimes looking beyond the obvious pumpkins and ghosts is a great way to build a vintage Halloween collection. When paired with the right embellishments, collectibles like black diamond-point candy jars and orange slag glass vases suddenly turn into chic Halloween decorations that look great when mixed with spooky collectibles on a table top or bar cart.

A Treasury of Treat Bags

Even diminutive vintage treat bags can be put to work, with tiny clothespins and felt, as a colorful Halloween banner. Mix and match the small paper sacks with new items to create something fun like this DIY Halloween Treat Bag Countdown, that's similar to an advent calendar.

Mix In Some Medical Models

Medical models, bandage tins, microscopes and more all make for creepy Halloween decor. Display in a styled bookshelf, put them on a small black Halloween tree or fill a dish full of old doctor’s tools.

Play Up the Creep Factor

Vintage doll heads are another, unexpected Halloween collectible. Try them as a centerpiece for a spooky sit-down dinner, as part of a creepy Halloween wreath or magic a few into DIY doll head planters.

Go Big or Go Home With a Gallery Wall

Collectibles always look better in well styled groupings. Take your ephemera collection to an all new level by creating a Halloween gallery wall. Flat paper decorations often fit inside cheap craft-store picture frames, 3D items like paper honeycomb spiders can crawl the wall and family Halloween photos, just add masks, fit right in as well.

Bookshelf Full of Blow Molds

Blow molds are a common holiday collectible, but most people are familiar with the Christmas versions. Halloween jack-o'-lanterns, witches and black cats are harder to find at flea markets and antique stores but well worth the hunt. During the holidays, try giving your entire etagere or bookshelf a Halloween collectible makeover. Be sure to check out these other Halloween Trees.

Small Collectibles Can Have a Big Impact

Vintage Halloween candy is probably hard to find and not so display-worthy if you do. However, other small toys and trinkets that were handed out to trick-or-treaters like these tin noise makers are a great collectible. These items tend to run on the high side of the price range but in the right holiday vignette they can be worth every penny.

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