How to Bring a Boho Vibe to Potato Stamping

Using a potato to make custom stamps is nothing new, but giving it a boho twist to customize your decor is very fresh (plus, it’s really inexpensive).

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Long gone are the days of potato stamping being a crude children’s project. With the right shapes and colors, you can bring the trendy boho vibes to almost any home decor project with this technique.

Photo by: Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Just like stamp carving, potato stamping is all about the design. Try creating your own patterns using multiple potatoes.

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for more fun tips and tricks for potato stamping.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins


  • potato
  • carving knife or craft knife
  • paint
  • storage bin
  • cookie cutter (optional)

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Cut a potato in half. The size of the stamp you want to carve should determine whether you cut the potato vertically or horizontally.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Use a paring knife to cut out your stamp shape. Tools like cookie cutters can be useful to use as outlines for certain shapes.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Cut away the excess potato from your design. What is left raised will be the actual stamp.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Blot and press any excess water from the potato, you want the potato as dry as possible. (Juicy potatoes are good for eating, but for stamping, make sure it's as dry as can be.) Choose the type of paint according to what you're going to be stamping. For a cloth storage bin like this, fabric paint or craft paint can be used.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Stamp the design and pattern. When it comes to the amount of paint on the stamp, less-is-more. Another trick is to fill a sponge with paint and use it as a makeshift stamp pad.

Photo by: Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Allow the paint to dry and your new potato stamped bin is ready for display. Want more DIY storage bin makeover ideas? Check out 10 Ways to Up-Cycle a Basket.

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