Blogger Challenge: HGTV Holiday House Fireplace Mantel Design

DIY's Made + Remade blog challenged five bloggers to share their visions for the fireplace mantel design at HGTV's Holiday House. See their mantel decoration ideas.

Amy's Luxe-Rustic Christmas Mantel

Amy Bell's fireplace mantel design incorporates both earthy and luxurious looks using materials as diverse as grapevine, fringe and feathers. Get details on Amy's mantel design here.

Luxe-Rustic Mantle Decorating Ideas

Several how-to projects create Amy's look, including the stunning fringe trees. Get the how-to instructions for Amy's Christmas mantel decorations here.

Kim's Rustic Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantel

Kim Byers' fireplace mantel decor focuses on rustic elements and a classic red and green color palette. Get details on Kim's mantel design here.

Rustic Winter Wonderland Mantel Decorating Ideas

Clever DIY projects like these trees made with plastic spoons make Kim's mantel unique. Find all her mantel decoration projects here.

Ellen's Coastal Fireplace Mantel Decor

Ellen Foord's mantel decorations include natural elements like moss and birch logs and some from the coast, including driftwood and seagrass. See her entire mantel design here.

Handmade Touches on the Mantel

Above the mantel, Ellen decorated around her flatscreen television with handmade paper garlands. Get the how-to instructions for these and more of her fireplace mantel decorations here.

Coastal Mantel Decorating Ideas

Simple coastal elements give this mantel design a sense of place. See more of the details in Ellen's holiday mantel here.

Emily's Natural and Sophisticated Christmas Mantel

Emily Fazio's Christmas mantel mixes a simple Scandinavian aesthetic with natural wood details. See her entire fireplace mantel design here.

Natural and Sophisticated Mantel Decorations

Special touches make Emily's fireplace mantel decor feel like walking into the woods on a snowy day.

Natural and Sophisticated Mantel Projects

Emily created this paper garland and other Christmas mantel decorations by hand. Find the how-to instructions for her projects here.

Hannah's Wintery Christmas Mantel With Vintage Style

Hannah incorporated antique finds with handmade details to achieve a Christmas mantel with vintage appeal. See her entire project and her tips for creating a fireplace mantel design here.

Vintage Christmas Mantel Decorations

Pre-made letters decoupaged with newsprint lend a custom touch. See more of Hannah's mantel how-to projects here.

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