Step 1

Cut Hearts from Paper

Cut hearts from of pieces of construction paper. The hearts can be as large or small as you wish, so long as the finished size fits onto the transparent contact paper. Use a hole punch to create a starting point for removing the center of the heart.

Step 2

Cut Tissue Paper Into Pieces

Trim pieces of multicolor tissue paper into small pieces. 

Step 3

Attach Heart to Contact Paper

Remove the backing from the transparent contact paper to expose the adhesive side. Lay the contact paper smooth side down on a table, and position the red construction paper hearts on top of it. Make sure that the contact paper extends around the outside of the heart.

Step 4

Decorate Heart with Tissue Paper

Allow your child to get creative and overlap pieces of tissue paper to the inside of the heart. The tissue paper will stick to the adhesive side of the contact paper.

Step 5

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Attach to a Window

Trim excess contact paper from around the edge of the heart, leaving roughly 1/2” overhang. Apply the clings to a clean window and enjoy the light streaming through the transparent tissue paper.